When it comes to running an online business, there are costs involved. It is not just a matter of setting up a website and then waiting for clients to pour in. There have to be efforts made to generate the traffic then make the sale. To help with this, the business owner has to invest in some marketing. The problem that many new business owners have is that they are on a tight budget. They need to find ways that they can market but at the same time keep their costs down.

Start Slow

One of the big mistakes that many make is they want to run a very aggressive marketing campaign. To do this, they will put their attention on several different marketing channels. They will assign a small amount of money to each of these. A better approach is to choose one or two channels. Invest the money into these and track the results carefully. This will reduce the costs and help to prevent wasting money.


A lot of companies invest in a campaign, and it is very successful. Then they forget about it. There are many times that these campaigns can be re purposed. Many of the costs have already been covered during the first campaign. An upgrade to them and a new marketing platform may bring the same positive results or even better than the first time.


Tracking and analysing the marketing campaign through all of its stages can be a big money saver. It can help to detect where costs can be cut. It can identify weaknesses in its early stages. Then a decision can be made to modify the campaign, or scrap it.

Do It Yourself

There is always an option to hire marketing experts. One of the advantages of using the internet for marketing is that one can learn to do a lot of things themselves.